Live from VMworld 2013! Superior VMware Backup and Recovery, Powered by Intel and EMC

Phil George at Intel - VMworld

The most pervasive trends in the market related to the data center and backup include:

  1. Data growth … especially redundant data.
  2. Security – stronger network protection and better data protection
  3. Tougher SLAs being required – much shorter RTO since the pace of business requires much faster recovery
  4. The need for more system performance … thank you Intel.
  5. Better value => same budget for more capacity and performance.


EMC Backup Recovery Systems is addressing these challenges in 4 areas:

  1. SDDC –At the foundation of the SDDC is the automation that is needed within each of the technology areas (server, storage, network, data protection and security). By leveraging tools that not only provide granular management, but also can integrate with the virtualization platform, IT groups can begin to deliver more agile operations and automate repetitive tasks. We leverage the Cloud Operations functionality that is available with the virtualization platform. This will treat the infrastructure as pools of resources, allowing IT to manage demand and performance in a more cost-effective, flexible way.
  2. MCA – Mission Critical Applications are moving to virtualized platforms thanks to the performance delivered by Intel-based computing, and EMC-based storage. Pervasive applications such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle are growing in capabilities, and in-turn the size and number of databases are growing exponentially. Now that they are working in a cloud infrastructure you have backup and recovery challenges that can only be met with optimized solutions.  EMC has become the largest data protection company in the industry because we address the challenges, deliver the highest performance, and provide better visibility and control for application owners, VMware administrators and the backup manager.
  3. EUC – End User Computing, Virtual Desktop Initiatives, Business Process Desktops … there seems to be many names for the infrastructure that supports a virtual desktop.  Just as companies have seen numerous benefits after moving from physical servers to virtual servers, they are now moving to virtual desktops to gain similar benefits.  Of course traditional backup and recovery will not scale with this environment.  EMC first introduced NDMP Acceleration in 2006 and continues to be the leader for NAS Server backup – since NAS storage is often the basis for virtual desktop environment.  Now, what is one of the most important requirements asked for by end-users?  Really fast recoveries – or better yet- self-service recovery so they don’t have to wait for the IT staff. EMC provides an optimized business process desktop backup and recovery solution with end-user self-service recovery.
  4. Trusted IT - Trust is a key pillar of the EMC Cloud Infrastructure strategy that enables customers to take full advantage of the new opportunities for application and infrastructure. Trusted IT requires Continuous Availability, Integrated Backup and Recovery, and Advanced Security to take full advantage of new operational models. We see data protection as a continuum, where the foundation is backup and recovery optimized for VMware, and applies to 100% of your data. Now select your most critical applications and data and add the next layer of protection with continuous data protection. Finally, you can add in the technology for continuous data availability to avoid any disruption in the event of a disaster.
Phil George

Phil George

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC
Working with customers and partners (like VMware) to develop leading backup solutions makes every day very interesting; helping them optimize their backup architectures for virtualized environments is what really energizes me. Over the past 25 years, I’ve held senior engineering, marketing and sales roles within the technical software industry. This gives me a good vantage point to recognize technical challenges, see emerging trends and propose new solutions. I hold a BSEE from Cornell University and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Boston University. I currently reside with my wife and two children in Massachusetts.
Phil George

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