ROBOCop — 80’s Sci-fi Flick or IT Reality

RoboCop – a sci-fi movie – is set in 2028 Detroit, a good cop is critically injured in the line of duty, and a multinational conglomerate, OmniCorp, sees an opportunity for a part-man, part-robot police officer.  Continue reading

Lisa Matzdorff

Lisa Matzdorff

Voice of Customer, Data Protection and Availability Division
I have a passion for listening, more specifically, listening to customers share their IT stories, their experiences, their successes! Over the past 7 years in the role of customer reference manager and customer advocacy manager, I’ve had the pleasure of listen to amazing stories and meeting some very interesting people. The one thing that makes my job even better…I get to share those stories. When I’m not working, I’m volunteering with foster children, running 5K fun runs, playing fashion consultant “What Not To Wear” style, traveling, and watching reality t.v

What’cha Reading? Three Must-Buys for Every Organization

457877853It’s that time of year again.

The kids are back in school – well, at least they are here in the South – and we all have our sights set on Labor Day, and the last hurrah of summer. (If only Atlanta weather would acknowledge this day, and temperatures would miraculously drop on September 2.)

So, how was your summer? How did you do on your reading list?

While I did better than last year, I still didn’t make a dent in my list. I read 3 “for fun” books and 2 “for work” books (with 1 more in progress). And that’s without a trip to the beach. Six books in essentially six weeks… not too shabby (for me).

However, like this summer’s lineup of lackluster movies, the “for fun” books I read didn’t come close to living up to their reviews either. Continue reading

Heidi Biggar

Heidi Biggar

Marketing and IT Consultant, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC Corporation
I’m often asked how a political science major at Tufts wound up in the IT world, covering backup, storage, virtualization and cloud of all things. Truth is, it’s really a love for learning, a need to understand the “bigger picture” and a desire to share that view with others that’s steered my path over the past 20 years, from campaign manager to editor, analyst and marketer. After hours, you’ll find me hanging with family, running 10ks through Peachtree City’s 90 miles of cart paths, watching football or reading. I’m a New England transplant enjoying life in the South. In my previous life, I also blogged for ComputerWorld, Enterprise Strategy Group and Hitachi Data Systems, but The Backup Window is my baby. It's been great watching it evolve.

The Rise of the “D” in the C-Suite


Several recent articles have piqued my interest in an emerging addition to the C-Suite – the CDO, or Chief Data Officer. My response is YAA – Yet Another Acronym to add to the stretched recesses of our memory banks.  Continue reading

Lesley MacDonald

Lesley MacDonald

Category Marketing Manager at EMC
My blogger persona salivates at the prospect of the “next big thing" and the new trends and opportunities that unfold through EMC’s market strategy and positioning. Prior to joining the Core Technologies category marketing team, my focus was on elevating the voice of brands, ranging from Unix operating systems to bagged lettuce and a motley collection of cross-industry products and services.

Looking for a Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution is Like Looking for a Spouse

We’re happy to announce a guest post from our partner Sungard!  Stay tuned for more guest posts from other partners and thought leaders in the data protection field here on The Protection Continuum.

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Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton is the Director, Channel Marketing for Sungard Availability Services. With an extensive background in enterprise software & services, cloud and virtualization technologies, backup & recovery, and data security, Sarah drives end-to-end marketing strategy for key alliance and channel partners, with a special focus on accelerating the sales cycle and building pipeline. Her functional expertise is in solutions marketing and demand generation. Sarah is an active blogger and social networker. She holds a Master of Science in Marketing Analytics, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bentley University. Follow her on Twitter at @BostonSarah.

Destination: Born in the Cloud

Untitled“No one understands the cloud. It’s a [BLEEP] mystery.” —Jason Segel

Perhaps more than a few of us got a kick out of the trailer from one of this summer’s blockbuster movies. In this clip, the cloud is the villain.

If your family is like mine, meaning not that tech savvy, so their only exposure to the cloud is limited to what’s available on their favorite Apple device, then, yes, the cloud may seem as vaporous as its heavenly counterpart.

But if you’re a tech-savvy CEO, CIO, application or data protection administrator, or business line manager, understanding the cloud and its potential value to your business has become critical. In fact, not understanding the cloud won’t be an option moving forward, which will hold true whether you’re in the IT business (like me) or a different industry altogether. We’re all on a journey, and the cloud will play a part in everything we do.

Let me explain.

To read the full post, please go to our sister site Reflections.

Guy Churchward

Guy Churchward

President, Data Protection and Availability Division
I'm an enterprise infrastructure hack. Really, if you think of my career as a building, I’ve spent it underneath in the sewer lines and the electric plumbing, making sure things work. Invariably, my businesses end up being called boring. But that’s okay. It means they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do, which means their customers can do what they need to do. I come to EMC by way of BEA Systems, NetApp and most recently LogLogic, and my mission is to lead EMC Data Protection and Availability Division's efforts to deliver a protection storage architecture that leaves us all in better shape for the next guy, or gig, that comes along. Oh, and make no mistake about it, I want everyone to know who’s number one in backup, and why.