Time for a Mojo Check: Is Data on Your Balance Sheet?


It was just about a year ago that I posted Three Signs Your Company May Be Losing Its Mojo on this site. The blog, which ran on Forbes.com about a month later, struck a chord.

For many of us, it seems that the loss of mojo is akin to losing our edge… our hipness…  our direction…  to going on autopilot. I know it is for me.

And, let’s face it, in today’s world, where things are changing faster than ever before, maintaining your mojo isn’t just something those en vogue should care about; it’s essential really for any company (and any individual) that wants to compete successfully in The Second Machine Age. Continue reading

Heidi Biggar

Heidi Biggar

Marketing and IT Consultant, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC Corporation
I’m often asked how a political science major at Tufts wound up in the IT world, covering backup, storage, virtualization and cloud of all things. Truth is, it’s really a love for learning, a need to understand the “bigger picture” and a desire to share that view with others that’s steered my path over the past 20 years, from campaign manager to editor, analyst and marketer. After hours, you’ll find me hanging with family, running 10ks through Peachtree City’s 90 miles of cart paths, watching football or reading. I’m a New England transplant enjoying life in the South. In my previous life, I also blogged for ComputerWorld, Enterprise Strategy Group and Hitachi Data Systems, but The Backup Window is my baby. It's been great watching it evolve.

VPLEX Metro: Achieving Continuous Availability and Mission Critical Center

VPLEX is entering its 4th year since being officially launched at EMC World 2010 and just coming off of a great EMC World 2014, one of the most powerful conversations on VPLEX is around VPLEX Metro Continuous Availability bolstered by Cluster Witness, how it operates and “kissing” 7-9′s (99999.99) uptime is possible for the EMC customer base. Continue reading

Jennifer Aspesi
I recently transitioned to the EMC VPLEX and RecoverPoint product team after being with EMC's Enterprise storage platforms for many years, and it's been an amazing adventure so. I love what I do and, more importantly, I love to enlighten users to the value of what our products do. My job is to help you optimize your business through best practices. As the lead of an awesome group of pre-sales corporate system engineers, you'll likely hear snippets of some of the conversations I have with this team in my posts. Also, I am a big fan of beta testing and I love to talk about it. Ask me, and I will tell you how to get your hands on code before it hits the streets. Oh, and I am a native New Englander, a virtual storage evangelist, dissolving distance proponent, breaking the speed of light enthusiast, ocean-loving star gazer, and working mama of an awesome little boy, Let's chat!

We’re Coming to a City Near You

EMC is the world’s largest data protection company, and it’s only natural that we would have the world’s largest user group for data protection.  To facilitate this sense of community, EMC and Intel are hosting the 2014 EMC Data Protection User Group series. EMC data protection solutions are powered by Intel, making Intel a key partner and sponsor for these events.  Continue reading

Lady Backup
Lady Backup’s career in IT dates back before the time of the Spice Girls. Initially I started in high tech journalism in the US and eventually transitioned to become an industry analyst. My analyst years also coincided with my education – during this period of my life I was working on my MBA. After 7 years of going to school at night, I graduated with distinction with an Information Age MBA degree from Bentley University (at the time it was still Bentley College) located just outside of Boston. With degree in hand, what’s a restless girl to do next? This is where networking with fellow classmates led to a job at EMC. Starting our Hopkinton headquarters, I moved outside of the US with EMC International when I felt it was time for my next change. Today, Lady Backup is an American on the loose in the world. Living outside the United States has been a fascinating experience. For the moment I call England home. But I’m feeling my next wave of restlessness coming. Here are two hints: I love sunshine and I’m improving my Spanish.

Proof Is (Generally) in the Numbers


Market share results are generally seen as a key barometer of customers’ trust in a company, its vision and its technology. That’s why it’s been so great to see us take market share on both the storage and data protection fronts over the past year.

Increasingly, our storage and data protection products are being designed together to drive efficiency, automation and cost savings into customer environments.

Storage and data protection share many of the same challenges and, going forward, people will think more holistically about them, provisioning storage and data protection as a single entity. Continue reading

Rob Emsley

Rob Emsley

Senior Director, Marketing
I’ve been with EMC since 2004 and have been working in the data protection space since I joined. At the moment I’m responsible for communications activities including analyst relations, public relations and customer engagement programs. This means that I talk to a lot of people about a lot of interesting things. Originally from the United Kingdom, I have made my home in Massachusetts for the last 20 years where I live with my wife and our golden retriever.

Protecting Your VMs in the Cloud

(This post on VMware vCHS Data Protection was written by Phil George and Yatin Patil.)

The battle for off-premise workloads continues – service providers are racing to sign up tenants, and differentiate themselves against the big gorillas (who shall not be named ;-) ) in the cloud. Everyone is sizing up the cloud – it’s attractive to lower your IT costs by getting out of the datacenter management business. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an opportunity for IT to solve problems at lower cost, and with greater speed. We saw the “first wave” of adoption of IaaS focused on reduced data center costs and consolidation, but now a “new wave” of enterprise hybrid cloud adoption is in process. IT leaders are innovating ways to solve tough challenges with public cloud offerings. One example is data protection and disaster recovery.

Continue reading

Phil George

Phil George

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC
Working with customers and partners (like VMware) to develop leading backup solutions makes every day very interesting; helping them optimize their backup architectures for virtualized environments is what really energizes me. Over the past 25 years, I’ve held senior engineering, marketing and sales roles within the technical software industry. This gives me a good vantage point to recognize technical challenges, see emerging trends and propose new solutions. I hold a BSEE from Cornell University and a Masters in Computer Engineering from Boston University. I currently reside with my wife and two children in Massachusetts.