Backup to Basics

By Sherry Davenport, Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMC Backup Recovery Systems

I’m new here at EMC, so perhaps it is easy, if not essential, for me to work to get to the basics of what we offer in order to be able to break it down, understand it, and ultimately, get excited about it and promote it.  And I gotta tell you, I’m very excited about NetWorker!

Though NetWorker has enjoyed a long and healthy market presence and, therefore, a very large and dedicated installed base, sitting from my desk I have the luxury of hearing of the past, understanding the present, AND getting a front row seat view of R&D for the future.

At its core, backup is probably considered by most as one of those “necessary evils,” akin to things like housework or mowing the lawn—something that simply “must get done.”  However, there are things that can make these tasks easier; some may even go as far as to say more enjoyable—for instance a shiny, new 4-wheel drive lawn tractor with a cup holder and all the knobs, levers and attachments that help ease the job; maybe even make it fun?!

EMC NetWorker, together with the integration of its mates EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar, can be considered such a solution–that is, able to ease the job and maybe even make it fun.  With NetWorker offering the ‘umbrella’ that enables simple and seamless centralized management as well as the bridge between traditional and deduplication backup through the power of the IT industry’s two leading deduplication engines, how can you go wrong?  And the knobs and levers?  That would be features such as superior application support, complete coverage for both physical and virtual systems, broad backup-to-disk capabilities, effortless snapshot management, and wizards for configuration with the snap of a finger, to name a few.  What about the attachments?  The integrations with both EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar–which just keep getting tighter with every release–enable you to choose the perfect tool for the job at hand—whether it be VMware, NAS, Remote Office, or Desktop/Laptop protection or protecting those all important data stores such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle.  Regardless of the EMC deduplication solution you choose, you can rest be assured that EMC NetWorker will continue to offer the best, most tightly integrated, centralized backup and recovery umbrella management option.

Let’s review a couple of examples of how customers have used – and benefited from – EMC backup solutions.  In a recent ESG Field Audit of EMC NetWorker, three customers were interviewed regarding their situation, NetWorker environment, why they selected NetWorker to help meet their desired goals, how they implemented their EMC backup recovery solution, and what their results were.  Customer #1, a global high-tech R&D organization, implemented NetWorker with Data Domain, and Data Protection Advisor in just 12 hours and is now able to do cost recovery and chargeback while saving time in not having to write scripts for cloning.  Customer #2, a diversified global media conglomerate, unified their Data Domain back-end with NetWorker for centralized management and Data Protection Advisor for reporting.  In doing so, they have freed up time for folks on their infrastructure team to do other things and have gotten rid of most of their tape-based systems.    The spokesperson for this company, the Director for International Infrastructure and Projects stated, “Our team can focus on more value-added items because [the environment] just works.”  The third customer was an international government agency tasked with consolidation, standardizing technologies, and re-evaluating their data protection strategy.  They have about 1500 virtualized servers and have been using NetWorker for about 15 years.   They added Data Domain to their two active data centers as well as their backup data center and, using NetWorker and Data Domain Boost, full backups of their Exchange data has gone from 36-48 hours down to about 12 hours and they no longer run out of space, thus speeding up backup and stabilizing their overall environment.

And, where did the element of ‘making it fun’ go in this whole story?  Well, besides the fact that EMC NetWorker, plus EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar, offer enough bells and whistles to make any Backup Administrator feel like a ‘kid in a candy store,’ what about the ‘fun’ associated with finishing a job up quicker than expected enabling you to get on with the ‘other’ things in life you’d rather be doing….  Or, how about the breath of fresh air of being able to sleep on weekends knowing that your work is complete and you are protected?  Finally, how fun is it to be considered a hero for generating money rather than being considered a money pit?

So, why am I so excited?  Because I can see the present and the future and as good as the present is, the future is even brighter.

Sherry Davenport
I started in the IT industry over 30 years ago — it sure doesn’t feel like that long! I worked my way through the ranks starting at the old Digital Equipment Corporation in software sales support, sales training, channel training, product management and, ultimately, marketing. My background includes digital imaging, team productivity software, Alta Vista (remember that?), storage management, storage networking and most recently backup and recovery software. While I love my job, I love cooking and wine appreciation even more.

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