#EMCworld Day 2 Wrap-up

Guest post by Allison Johnson, Senior Social Media Manager

Yesterday was a busy one for us here at Backup and Recovery, with our day ending at Pole Position—an indoor go kart raceway. We had a little friendly competition at our customer appreciation event with winners from each heat vying for the Grand Prix Champion title.

Prior to the race attendees had a full day, some highlights included:

  • Paul Maritz from VM World lead a great session on ‘The New IT’
  • Rohit Ghai and Jeetu Patel lead ‘An Information Management Roadmap for Transforming your World’ with demonstrations on new user interfaces and products.
    • I saw a great tweet that I just re-tweeted: #EMCWorldRohit Gahl: “[We] drink our own champagne.” So much classier than KoolAid! (He’s talking about xCP BTW!)
  • Brian Gallagher discussed, ‘Accelerating Transformation to the Hybrid Cloud’
  • We had a hush hush and fun session with Area 51

In addition to the keynotes and breakout sessions, our president BJ Jenkins hosted a Buzz Talk with the cooperation from Stephen Manley CTO, Rob Emsley Sr Director Backup and Recovery, and Mike Zolla Sr Director.

The Buzz Talk was an informal and conversational way for both virtual and attending participants to ask questions about what’s new in Backup and Recovery. The talk was streamed online in our EMC Community with questions being pulled live and from the platform. If you missed out and want to see what you missed- the entire talk was recorded. Simply scan this QR code to see the fun:

More fun can be found with some pictures I took from within the Solution Pavilion. As you can see there are a lot of fun and interesting things going on here at EMC World. Let us know what you think via Twitter and Facebook.


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