This Is Your Brain on Tape Backup

By Gene Maxwell, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, EMC Backup Recovery System

Ever wondered what your brain looks like on tape backup? Here’s what my brain came up with:

  • Stressed out about recovery times
  • Backups are way too slow
  • Failing backups are killing your #s
  • Boss is unhappy about results
  • Your performance isn’t good
  • Tape cartridges are piling up
  • Skyrocketing backup costs

This is your brain on deduplicated disk storage backups:

  • You are confident about recovery
  • Backups are finishing ahead of schedule
  • Backup success rates are way up
  • Happy boss singing your praises
  • Your performance looks great
  • You’re reducing your backups costs
  • More space in your Data Center
  • Your team is recognized for their great work

Is your old fashioned and unreliable tape based backup infrastructure giving you serious headaches?   Are your backups extending further and further into production windows?  Are you worried what the auditors are going to say if they find out about those backup tapes that got lost?

There is a simple way to fix all of this.  Replace your old-fashioned tape-based backups with backups to deduplicated disk storage.  The results will amaze you and your brain will be thrilled with all the benefits you will get. Let your brain relax and focus on more important things.  Backups to deduplicated disk storage will:

  • Simplify your backup environment by eliminating the need to manage tape cartridges
  • Speed up your backups & allow them to finish within your backup windows
  • Give you breathing room for the data growth you will have
  • Improve backup reliability and your backup success %
  • Dramatically reduce the effort to re-run backups that fail
  • Free up valuable data center floor space by eliminating bulky tape silos and tape cartridges
  • Reduce backup costs by eliminating tape cartridge handling, storage, and shipping
  • Enable a cost effective “tapeless” Disaster Recovery approach
  • Minimize legal risks by eliminating physical tape movement & lost tapes

There’s an old saying.  If it hurts to keep pounding your head against the wall, stop doing it.  Let your brain be happy about doing backups with deduplicated disk storage.


Gene Maxwell

Gene Maxwell

Technical Marketing, Data Protection and Availability Division
I am known by many as the creator of documentation that helps others easily understand technology. This is because I discovered that I myself was a visual learner as I worked in many different IT roles over the years. Prior to my technical marketing role, I was an EMC technical consultant for six years. I also have many years of experience as a customer in IT responsible for data center management & disaster recovery, including backups. My hobbies include building PCs, collecting movies (Casablanca is my favorite), singing and playing my guitar. I have a twin brother who is three minutes older than I am.

One thought on “This Is Your Brain on Tape Backup

  1. Excellent blog Gene. I had some of the very same feelings when I used to backup to tape. Now I don’t even think about backup. Avamar just runs perfectly and I am 100% confident that the data is there for recovery. We added in a DD860 to handle our Oracle Data Base and Avamar make managing the entire process really simple.

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