Dear Server Huggers, Get Well Soon

server get wellCoughing, sneezing, shortage of breath; are you experiencing any or all of these symptoms when you hear the words “cloud computing?” You are not alone! Many people are coming forth as server huggers, better known as those who resist cloud computing or virtualization.  Accustomed to being able to see and touch the physical hardware containing their data, server huggers cringe at the thought of trusting something they cannot see. Continue reading

Meredith Soper

Meredith Soper

As a former college athlete who never lost her competitive edge, I continuously challenge myself to learn new things and become an expert on others. However, my focus is no longer basketball, but the world of data protection. My MBA and innate passion for technology led me to a career in product marketing at EMC, where I aspire to add some pizazz to the already-exciting world of backup and recovery. Outside of the office, I’m a born and raised Bostonian who has trouble pronouncing her R’s (think “pahk the cah”). I love sports, shopping, and a good glass of red wine. Follow me on Twitter @Meredith_Soper and I promise to #followback!

Cloud Thinkering: Boon or Bane for IT Pros?

Sebastian BlogThe cloud vendor list is getting crowded and vibrant these days. EMC recently made a number of announcements including EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and the acquisition of 3 cloud innovators Cloudscaling, Maginatics and Spanning. Now, Enterprise IT have the capability to build out its cloud blueprints and IT-as-a-Service consumption model with greater agility, efficiency, performance, security, control and choice. With the fast maturing cloud technologies and the promise of hybrid cloud services in enabling seamless management and provisioning of private and public cloud services, it is a sign and the coming of age of cloud computing for becoming one of the decade’s most disruptive technologies. Continue reading

Sebastian Yiang

Sebastian Yiang

I started out in the IT industry almost 20 years ago as a systems analyst in a large telco within its Internet Service Provider BU to drive product and business development of consumer and enterprise Internet services. I then had the opportunity to do business development and product marketing for connected consumer electronics, web hosting and data center services, and storage solutions before I joined EMC. My current role in EMC is product marketing for Data Protection and Availability Division for Asia Pacific and Japan region. I am based in sunny Singapore and enjoy traveling with my family.

Say “No” to “Rogue”: Three Steps to Transform Technology into Trusted Infrastructure

482219197For many organizations, information infrastructure has become a leading corporate concern because of the expense of managing the legacy environment, poor responsiveness to business needs, and the potential for significant risk of data loss. Other than that, they’re happy.

What happens when business teams don’t get their needs met? They go rogue and bypass IT in search of better services. Despite the disruptive shifts in technology and the way IT is consumed (i.e., consumption models), IT can not only regain the confidence of the business but also position itself as trusted advisor. It’s all about trust.

What Is Trusted IT – And How Do I Make It Happen?

Trust is the contract that binds IT to the business.

When things go wrong (failure, cyber-attack, natural disaster, or stampeding alpacas), the business looks to IT. When there are issues with application performance and availability, the business looks to IT. When information accessibility is locked into one vendor, the business looks to IT. Continue reading

Stephen Manley

Stephen Manley

CTO, Data Protection and Availability Division
Over the past 15 years at both EMC and NetApp, I have traveled the world, helping solve backup and recovery challenges - one customer at a time (clearly, I need to optimize my travel arrangements!). My professional mission is to transform data protection so that it accelerates customers’ businesses. I have a passion for helping engineers pursue technical career path(without becoming managers), telling stories about life on the road and NDMP (yes, that’s NDMP).

Destination: Born in the Cloud

Untitled“No one understands the cloud. It’s a [BLEEP] mystery.” —Jason Segel

Perhaps more than a few of us got a kick out of the trailer from one of this summer’s blockbuster movies. In this clip, the cloud is the villain.

If your family is like mine, meaning not that tech savvy, so their only exposure to the cloud is limited to what’s available on their favorite Apple device, then, yes, the cloud may seem as vaporous as its heavenly counterpart.

But if you’re a tech-savvy CEO, CIO, application or data protection administrator, or business line manager, understanding the cloud and its potential value to your business has become critical. In fact, not understanding the cloud won’t be an option moving forward, which will hold true whether you’re in the IT business (like me) or a different industry altogether. We’re all on a journey, and the cloud will play a part in everything we do.

Let me explain.

To read the full post, please go to our sister site Reflections.

Guy Churchward

Guy Churchward

President, Data Protection and Availability Division
I'm an enterprise infrastructure hack. Really, if you think of my career as a building, I’ve spent it underneath in the sewer lines and the electric plumbing, making sure things work. Invariably, my businesses end up being called boring. But that’s okay. It means they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do, which means their customers can do what they need to do. I come to EMC by way of BEA Systems, NetApp and most recently LogLogic, and my mission is to lead EMC Data Protection and Availability Division's efforts to deliver a protection storage architecture that leaves us all in better shape for the next guy, or gig, that comes along. Oh, and make no mistake about it, I want everyone to know who’s number one in backup, and why.