Protection Storage in the Cloud – Separating Fact from Fiction

Caitlin Gordon

Caitlin Gordon

Data Domain Product Marketing, Data Protection and Availability Division
I have spent the past eight years focused on all things data protection, with a focus on backup and archive. Lucky for me, Data Domain Systems give me lots of good topics to discuss here. When I’m not blogging, I’m equal parts gadget geek and sports freak – always ready to chat about the latest IT rumor or celebrate/lament the latest Boston sports heartbreak/victory. You can also find me talking backup on Twitter and YouTube.

Over the past few years, I have been rather ‘cloud-shy’ despite being in marketing where some may believe we just throw around jargon whenever we can. For me, talking about Data Domain as ‘cloud-ready’ – the ideal platform for offering data protection as a service – is not something to be taken lightly.  However, recent developments have changed this and I’m now comfortable saying Data Domain systems are truly cloud-ready.  So I’m sure you’re dying to know, why now? Continue reading

EMC Data Protection Suite: What’s New in NetWorker 8.2

Sherry Davenport

Sherry Davenport

I started in the IT industry over 30 years ago — it sure doesn’t feel like that long! I worked my way through the ranks starting at the old Digital Equipment Corporation in software sales support, sales training, channel training, product management and, ultimately, marketing. My background includes digital imaging, team productivity software, Alta Vista (remember that?), storage management, storage networking and most recently backup and recovery software. While I love my job, I love cooking and wine appreciation even more.

It has not even been a year since we announced and delivered NetWorker 8.1 – an update jam-packed with new features built on the new architectural foundation laid by NetWorker 8.  And here we are again, with a release that continues to make advancements in:

  • Integration with primary and protection storage
  • Application owner empowerment
  • Industry-leading protection for enterprise applications

Let’s delve a little deeper into the highlights.
Continue reading

Data Protection – Getting Dressed Up for Cisco Live Milan

Mark Galpin

Mark Galpin

EMEA Product Marketing, Data Protection and Availability Division
As a product marketing lead based in Guildford, Surrey, I'm often seen presenting to EMC’s partners and end users at various events across Europe. I have over 20 years experience in the storage market, largely gained in the financial and legal sectors, including PaineWebber, part of UBS, and Clifford Chance, the international legal practice, where I was the storage manager for a number of years. But I've also held had product marketing stints at Quantum and previously at EMC. I'm married with two children and live in Guildford, Surrey.

Milan, famous for many things, but perhaps the most talked about is its position as a major world fashion and design capital…and of course acting as the host city to Cisco Live Europe 2014.

So it was suggested that our EMC booth staff should dress the part. Top designers were sought for this special assignment, many designs were inspected, and below you can see an example of just one of the finalists modeled by a collection of EMC System Engineer’s.

Milan Hi-Fashion

While we’re telling you now that we *might* have new shirts for the new season of events, you’ll have to wait until the show to hear what’s new with Data Protection and Availability at EMC.

Our EMC Booth (D1), located at the front of the Solution Hall, will be hard not to miss. Starting at 10:30am each day from Tuesday 28th Jan – Thursday 30th Jan we will have dedicated Data Protection and Availability staff available to help you with all your questions.

You can also catch our team presenting on two adjacent booths; Intel and VCE both will feature dedicated presentations on how Data Protection from EMC forms an integral part of joint solution offerings. Hear from our team in the VCE booth at 12:15 each day and at 11:30am each day in the Intel booth. What will you learn? Well I don’t want to spoil the announcement but it will involve a major upgrade from our side of the house, allowing you to meet your backup windows and speed up your recovery process in a converged infrastructure.

We must not forget our activity with Cisco – catch our joint presentation in the Main Hall at 11:30am on Thursday. We will be discussing how you can transform your data centre with EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology. This will be followed by an online webcast at 15:00 CET where those of you not at the show can listen to Karl Connolly from EMC discuss a similar topic (Go Karl, Go Karl, it’s your birthday, have a party – we can hardly wait!).

Did someone say P-A-R-T-Y? Why yes – Cisco Live would not be the same without a party! You will have to stop by the EMC Booth on Tuesday and Wednesday to get your ticket to the party on Wednesday night. However it’s first come, first serve with a strict limit on the numbers.

As ever we’ll be covering all of these events on social media so follow us on Twitter @EMCBackup for all the latest updates and news, and tweet to us and let us know how we’re doing!…oh and look out to see if we changed our shirts. ;)

Evolving Beyond PBBAs

Caitlin Gordon

Caitlin Gordon

Data Domain Product Marketing, Data Protection and Availability Division
I have spent the past eight years focused on all things data protection, with a focus on backup and archive. Lucky for me, Data Domain Systems give me lots of good topics to discuss here. When I’m not blogging, I’m equal parts gadget geek and sports freak – always ready to chat about the latest IT rumor or celebrate/lament the latest Boston sports heartbreak/victory. You can also find me talking backup on Twitter and YouTube.

I have been on a few missions in my life – some nobler than others – and now I’m on a new mission.  Specifically, I’m out to evolve the market beyond a discussion of simple ‘purpose-built backup appliances’ to focus on ‘protection storage’.  You may be surprised to hear me say this since Data Domain systems (arguably) created and today leads the PBBA market.  But the reality is, that as wonderful as PBBAs are, protection storage is so much more than a simple backup appliance.

The first reason is quiet simple; we’ve seen more and more customers move towards consolidating backup and archive data on a single system.  Protection storage must be designed to handle both workloads simultaneously.  Since backup data (very few, large files) and archive data (many, very small files) has opposite characteristics, this is no easy feat.  To support archive data, EMC engineering has invested years of development to refine the Data Domain file system to support both workloads.

The second piece of the protection storage puzzle goes to the heart of the purpose of backups and archives.  Specifically, if you’re going to recover or access data on backup or archive storage, you’re doing so because it no longer exists anywhere else.  That makes this protection storage system your storage of last resort.  This means that protection storage must be designed to ensure that when data is requested from the system, it will be reliably delivered back every time.  This is the core of the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture –industry leading data integrity protection.

Finally, protection storage differs from primary storage in that must provide a cost effective $/GB.  As we all know, the key to this is deduplication – but not all deduplication is created equal.  In order to provide the highest dedupe rates, a system must use variable-length deduplication and dedupe across a highly scalable storage pool.  Data Domain deduplication reduces storage requirements by an average of 10 to 30x and systems scale up to 2 PB of usable capacity in a single system.

As you can see, I’m pretty passionate about this topic and sometimes I think I may be a crazy lone wolf on this mission.  But this week, I was thrilled to see that I may not be so crazy after all. Colm Keegan, Sr. Analyst over at Storage Switzerland just posted a great blog on Tuesday that discusses this very topic.   Check out what he has to say and let us know what you think.

EMC Elect 2014

Alex Almeida

Alex Almeida

Technology Evangelist, Data Protection and Availability Division
My passion for technology started at an early age and has never stopped. Today, I find myself immersed in data protection. Yep, I live, breathe and tweet backup, availability and archive. In fact, nothing short of fully understanding how things work will keep me from digging deeper. But when I’m not evangelizing on the benefits of backup or technology in general, I can be spotted at a New England Revolution game, behind the lens of a camera or listening to my favorite albums on vinyl. In addition to blogging for The Protection Continuum, you can find me on the EMC Community Network. Also, I'm a member of EMC Elect 2014, and I'm active in the New England VMware User Group (NEVMUG) and the Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG). Let's get technical!

EMC Elect 2014

First off, I wanted to say how honored and humbled I am to be a returning EMC Elect member in 2014. I have learned so much in the first year of being an Elect that I can only imagine what greatness is in store for me and being able to learn from this fantastic group of new and returning members.

For those readers that are not sure what “EMC Elect” is about, or have never heard of it, let me explain. As posted on our EMC Community Page (Login/Account Required):

“EMC Elect is a community-driven recognition and thank you for individual’s engagement with EMC as a brand over the last calendar year.”

While that is the most concise and accurate statement describing the program at a high level, having what it takes to become EMC Elect in my mind is where the true value of this program shines through.

There are three pillars that each member selected into this program stand on:

  • Engagement - EMC Elect revolves around a person’s social engagement and advocacy for the EMC brand, its products, and philosophy. Engagement usually takes place through social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, but can also include the level of engagement and contributions (speaking opportunities, etc.) that a member makes at industry events and conferences.
  • Commitment - This attribute comes in the form of being involved in industry conversation on a consistent basis, particularly surrounding EMC technology topics. However, more importantly, commitment is shown through constructive feedback helping efforts to improve not only EMC Elect or EMC and it’s products but also the technology industry as well.
  • Leadership - To put it simply, it’s all about initiative. EMC Elect are always ready to take the opportunity to engage and represent for the betterment of the community and the EMC Brand.

I want to go ahead and congratulate those that have been announced this morning as EMC Elect 2014. In particular, my fellow co-workers in the EMC Data Protection and Availability Division:

If you have a minute, take a look at their respective blogs and give them an EMC Elect congratulatory Twitter Follow!

While all of the EMC Elect 2014 should be recognized, the real winner in all of this is EMC’s customers and the industry as a whole. I speak for the group of Elect in saying that our main mission is to be an advocate for the EMC brand.  You are probably thinking now, “What does this mean for me?”

Our mission of advocacy is two fold. Providing you, the readers of our blogs and tweets, knowledge and a transparent view of the world of EMC. But more importantly it is also to listen and provide EMC with valuable feedback that ultimately means better service and solutions for you the customers.

So if you visit an EMC Elect blog, comment and share your views and feedback. Or, if you see an EMC Elect member at an industry event, feel free to engage, converse, and share knowledge, it’s what we as members are committed (and eager) to do!