Considering an Email Archive Change?

Is your current solution one the Hewlett-Packard Autonomy archiving solutions acquired through acquisition (e.g. CA Ilumin, Zantaz EAS, Mimosa NearPoint, HP IAP)?

Is your current solution Symantec Enterprise Vault (pre- v10) and are you are facing an expensive (and time consuming) migration including a complete hardware refresh?

EMC understands that email archiving is a mission critical application and requires a company with a long-term commitment and solid resources; otherwise it is just a slow path to disaster.  To get you back on solid ground, EMC offers the industry’s most complete family of archive solutions.

For on-premise archiving, EMC SourceOne delivers the industry’s most advanced archive technology.  SourceOne is a full 64-bit application and installs in a completely virtual server environment.  SourceOne integrates email, file and SharePoint content in a single instance archive; supported with full legal discovery, retention management and audit reporting.

EMC understands that archiving also demands proper storage and thus offers the widest ranges of archive storage solutions that integrate seamlessly with SourceOne.  These archive storage solutions include EMC Centera compliance storage, EMC Data Domain deduplication storage, EMC Isilon NL scale-out NAS storage and EMC Atmos cloud-based object storage.

The first step to get you back on solid ground is to contact EMC Sales.  EMC Sales is ready to perform a thorough analysis of your current archive environment and provide a solution proposal to migrate your existing email archive data to SourceOne.  For migration, EMC works with partners who are expert in email migration.  And new SourceOne licenses are aggressively priced to make the transition as affordable as possible.

There has never been a better time to explore the exciting advancements in EMC archive technology, for your next on-premise email archive solution.  To learn more about the role of archiving in Microsoft Exchange environments read this white paper.

Contact EMC Sales  and begin your move to SourceOne.


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